Part of our work is to develop tools, that facilitate and improve the acquisition and analysis of data. We are proud to share these tools with the scientific community:

SymptomMapper is an application to collect pain and symptom drawings on android-based tablet PCs. The intuitive layout provides a guided drawing experience for the user and ensures a high data quality.

mICA Toolbox – A user-friendly toolbox for masked independent component analysis, i.e. ICA within a spatially restricted subregion of the brain. It is based on command line tools from the FSL suite to perform the ICA and related analyses.

Hannover Body Template – A sex-specific high-quality body outline for pain and symptom drawings that can be used for digital as well as pen-and-paper drawings. We developed a manikin based on photographs that were transferred into high-contrast images for precise symptom location. The goal was to project the entire body surface onto four two-dimensional drawings.