Welcome to the homepage of our research group Somatosensory and Autonomic Therapy Research!

Our main research topic are somatosensory therapies, a large group of therapies that have the common element of applying some form of stimulation to the somatosensory system, i.e. the system through which we perceive touch, temperature and pain.

As the last decades of research have shown, there are numerous mechanisms, how stimulation of somatosensory nerves can affect the body. The effects range from analgesia through autonomic regulation to immunomodulation.

The type of stimulation can be very different and includes mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical procedures. Common examples include acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation, cupping, the application of warm and cold pads, as well as many different forms of massage and manual therapy.

In our group, we study this very heterogeneous therapy forms from a unified perspective. The aim is to elucidate their underlying mechanisms by means of objective physiological effects in humans.

To achieve this goal, we use advanced neuroscientific methods, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, psycho-physics and electrophysiology.